Sealant Restorations


As part of the anatomy of the occlusal or top surfaces of the teeth, one finds fissures. These fissures are often discoloured. This discolouration is caused when at a certain time the individual is unable to clean these fissures properly due to incorrect brushing technique. The tooth then loses mineral from this area and the tooth becomes prone to caries.

The cavities in these fissures are often not very deep especially if dealt with at an early stage. Often they can be cleaned and sealed without the use of anaesthetic. No needles!

Sealant restorations are therefore highly recommended in the prevention of cavities in those teeth which are already discoloured.

In those teeth where there is no discolouration fissure sealants are recommended in the prevention of fissure caries. Fissure sealants are placed on primary teeth as well as permanent teeth. It is especially recommended on all individuals who are prone to cavities and are placed on all premolar and molar teeth. Fissure sealants often need to be placed every six months if needed as they undergo wear and tear due to occlusal trauma. (Eating, Grinding)

Discuss with your dentist or oral hygienist whether you need either sealant restorations or fissure sealants.

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