Immediate Dentures


What are Immediate Dentures?

This is when a denture is place on the same visit as the teeth are extracted.

All the measurements for the dentures are taken at the first visit. The dental technician is informed which teeth are to be extracted. The denture is then made.

At the second visit the teeth to be extracted are anaesthetised. These teeth are extracted. The denture is then placed.

Instructions for Immediate Denture Patients

Your teeth have been extracted and your new denture has been fitted. Your mouth is still numb from the effects of the anaesthetic. While your mouth is still feeling numb, remove the denture and practice fitting the denture into your mouth. Donít be apprehensive! You should not be able to feel any discomfort because of the anaesthetic.

A blood clot needs to form for healing to take place so only start rising after 6 hours. This is important!! Remove the denture and rinse gently with lukewarm salt water.

It is IMPERATIVE that you sleep with your denture. If you donít, it is going to be very difficult to fit the denture into your mouth the following day. If the denture hurts you, do not remove it. Come and see me and I will adjust it.

You may find that the denture may become loose after a while. This differs between individuals. However, the loose fitting dentures are prone to fracture and it is advisable to have them relined. Discuss this with me and we can decide when it will be best for you.

Follow the after extraction guidelines.

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