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Your periodontal (gum/bone) assessment will identified gum infection in areas of your mouth. A treatment plan will be established which will require a certain amount of visits from you.

You will also be advised of the appropriate home care techniques and products at your bi-annual check-up appointment. This is an extremely important aspect in the success of your treatment and home maintenance.

Should any areas be found to be unresponsive the most appropriate options will be discussed with you. Our aim is for you to gain maximum response to treatment and this is achieved by following the recommendations of the treatment programme.

The maintenance care is to secure optimal control and to prevent the return of any gum disease. Maintenance is continuous for the life of the teeth and is the most important part of the total treatment.

There are, however, certain unavoidable consequences to treatment which may include: -

     (a) Teeth may appear to be longer due to shrinkage after healing.

     (b) Some teeth may initially be sensitive to extreme temperatures and sugar.

     (c) Certain teeth may show a residual mobility (some teeth may still feel loose).

It is highly recommended that a regular six monthly appointment with the oral hygienist be adhered to, unless a more frequent interval is required.

Thanking you and looking forward to assist you on this path to optimal health.

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